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Renewing Your Body and Spirit after Breast Cancer

by | November 1, 2011

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis will radically change your life.   Because of early detection, more and more women are fighting breast cancer and winning the battle with this disease. The five-year survival rate for Stage 0 and Stage 1 breast cancer is approximately 100 percent, and Stage 2 patients have an 86-percent survival rate read more

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The Road to Fertility: What to Expect During Your IVF Cycle

by | September 30, 2011

It’s go time! An IVF cycle is like starting a new job. There’s the stress and excitement of tackling a new experience, plus the challenge of learning the “jargon” and committing to daily tasks that will involve your time and energy. This is an important time to take care of yourself. Reducing stress through physical read more

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Giving It Your Best Shot

by | September 22, 2011

You’re ready to devote your time, emotional reserves, and discretionary income to getting pregnant. Up until now, your physical discomfort has been at the hands of skilled and ultra-competent healthcare professionals. You’ve endured blood draws, vaginal ultrasounds, and possibly even laparoscopic day surgeries. But that was different. Now it’s you or a significant other who read more

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A Fertility Doctor’s Response to “Relax and You’ll Get Pregnant”

by | September 7, 2011

What’s worse? A root canal or someone telling you yet again: “Relax and you’ll get pregnant.” This is one myth worth talking about with your friends and family. Tell them vacations don’t cure infertility. However, targeted fertility testing and effective treatments can lead to success. At Texas Fertility Center, we highly recommend learning to manage read more

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Waiting to Find Out

by | August 25, 2011

No matter how many months you’ve tried to get pregnant, the last two weeks of the cycle bring the same mixed emotions. Hope surges, crests and plummets with each passing day after ovulation. It’s the Flashback rollercoaster ride that repeats itself month after month. Whether you try to get pregnant on your own or with read more

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