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Gestational Surrogacy

by | August 8, 2012

For women and couples who are unable to conceive due to an irregular or absent uterus – or if other fertility treatments have failed – gestational surrogacy may allow them to grow the family of their dreams. Gestational surrogacy (a.k.a. gestational carriage) is the scenario in which the woman carrying the pregnancy is not genetically read more

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Not a Lot of Good Swimmers? What You Can Do To Enhance Your Fertility

by | March 13, 2012

It can be downright depressing getting back a semen analysis (sperm test) that is not ‘ideal’. However, don’t feel alone. There are MANY MANY guys in your situation (even if they are not talking about it!). It’s true that there are a number of fertility treatments that may help you to conceive, even with low read more

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Looking for Donor Sperm

by | February 29, 2012

Couples with severe male factor infertility, single women, or same-sex couples are some types of patients that will consider the use of donor sperm to help with conception. Once this is decided upon, it can be a little overwhelming to try to choose the right donor. Here are some tips: Find a sperm bank that read more

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Obesity & Reproduction

by | August 2, 2011

Obesity is an increasing problem in the United States; women/men of a reproductive age are not excluded from this problem. It is estimated that approximately 31% of white women, 38% of Hispanic women, and 49% of black women in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Many people are aware of the problems that obesity can read more

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Cysters Unite!

by | July 12, 2011

Let’s face it – women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) have a lot of uphill battles to climb. First of all, there are the nonexistent periods…that when they do come, do so with a vengeance! Then there’s the issue of acne (aren’t pimples supposed to go away after you hit 20??). Also, the extra hair read more

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