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Make Male Fertility a Focus of Men’s Health Week

by | June 6, 2013

Men’s Health Week (NMHW), June 10-16, promotes healthy habits in men, and raises awareness about actions you can take now to prevent devastating health problems down the road. Infertility is of particular concern to reproductive endocrinologists specializing in female and male infertility. Texas Fertility Center’s founding partner, Dr. Thomas C. Vaughn, shares his tips for read more

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Coenzyme Q 10 and Female Fertility

by | January 14, 2013

Coenzyme Q 10, aka Co Q 10, but also known as ubiquinone, is a fat-soluble, vitamin-like compound that naturally occurs in most cells of the body, primarily in the mitochondria. Co Q 10 is needed for the basic function of cells and is the source of energy for the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the organelles inside read more

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Sometimes Symptomless, Endometrial Polyps Can Cause Infertility

by | September 7, 2012

If you’ve checked the box “bleeding between periods” or “irregular menstrual periods” on your health history form, your obgyn or fertility doctor may suspect a number of causes, including endometrial polyps. These overgrowths on the inside lining (endometrium) of the uterine wall are common and usually benign, but can interfere with your goal of getting pregnant. Studies read more

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Why Should A Woman Having Trouble Conceiving Consider Having A Laparoscopy?

by | April 1, 2012

The basic evaluation for couples struggling to become pregnant includes a semen analysis, blood tests to evaluate ovarian function, a hysterosalpingogram and a pelvic sonogram to evaluate the uterus and fallopian tubes. It is not uncommon for couples to undergo this basic evaluation for infertility and find that all of their tests are normal. At read more

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Prenatal Vitamins – More Important Than You Think!!

by | October 3, 2011

Any woman of reproductive age who is sexually active and not using a contraceptive should be talking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid. Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, and folate are essential for numerous bodily functions. The human body needs folate to synthesize and repair DNA and is very important for cell growth, read more

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