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Hydrosalpinx and Infertility

by | June 26, 2012

What is a hydrosalpinx? Though it sounds like an exotic Egyptian relic, a hydrosalpinx is a swollen and blocked fallopian tube. Because the end of the fallopian tube is closed off by scar tissue, fluid abnormally collects, causing further swelling and dilation of the fallopian tube. Hydrosalpinges usually occur as a result of previous pelvic read more

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Poor Ovarian Reserve and IVF Outcomes

by | May 30, 2012

In general, women with low ovarian reserve will have difficulty in achieving pregnancy. But what about in advanced reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF? Ovarian Reserve Let’s first discuss what the term ovarian reserve means. Ovarian reserve refers to quantity, or number, of eggs remaining that are available to achieve pregnancy. We are unable to read more

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Your Estradiol Level Is…

by | April 30, 2012

During your stimulation cycle, you get a phone call alerting you that your estradiol level is at 250. But what does this mean exactly? Well let’s talk about it. Where does estradiol come from? In a normal ovulatory cycle, the hypothalamus in the brain produces a hormone called GnRH. An increase in GnRH causes the read more

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A Fertility Specialist Explains the Science of Making Love

by | March 3, 2012

For some lucky couples, the “Fertile Myrtles” of procreation, getting pregnant involves candles and a month or two of enjoyable, yet purposeful sex. They may never know exactly when ovulation occurs, or how miraculous it is that out of millions of sperm, one strong swimmer arrives at the fallopian tube precisely when a single egg read more

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Focus on Your Fertility: Now and for the Future

by | January 10, 2012

Dr. Kaylen Silverberg details key thoughts on couple’s fertility plans, both current and for future planning in his latest article : Singles can take a proactive stance to protect their future fertility by making healthy lifestyle choices  Couples need to have a realistic timeline for their family planning based on age and any known factors that read more

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